200 hour yoga teacher training

200 hr. YTTC is for those who wish to become Yoga Teacher and also wish to get deeper into Yoga. Prime purpose of Yoga teacher training is not always to become a Yoga Teacher. Further we get many students like engineers, doctors, lawyers, journalist, managers, teachers etc. All of them, they just simply wish to gain deeper knowledge of yoga for personal well-being.

200 hour yoga teacher training in India
300 hour yoga teacher training India
500 hour yoga teacher training India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
500 hour yoga teacher training India

In other words this 200 hour yoga teacher training India is designed to give you a transforming experience. In like manner you will gain a deeper understanding of basic Yoga techniques, yogic science and philosophy and its implementation in your everyday life. Of course this training sets up the stone for you to become a successful yoga teacher/trainer or yoga instructor.

In This Program You Learn:

  1. The right attitude, benefits and possible risks of the basic yoga postures.
  2. Principles of Anatomy and how they apply to each posture.
  3. The science and art behind Yoga.
  4. Correct assistant.
  5. Body consciousness and awareness techniques.
  6. Sound consciousness & awareness techniques.
  7. Self consciousness / reflection through yoga practice.
  8. Self-esteem through practical lessons.
  9. Yoga history and philosophy.
  10. Introduction to the subtle body and meditation.
  11. Sanskrit names of different poses.

Yoga Teacher Training Includes

  1. Yoga Course fee.
  2. Yoga classes.
  3. Yoga certification fee.
  4. Accommodation: Private / Share.
  5. Three vegetarian meals with tea (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  6. Teaching Material Wi-Fi / Internet.
  7. Hot water - for shower and laundry
  8. Washing machine (paid)
  9. Ayurveda Spa and courses (paid)
  10. Airport pickup (paid)

Yoga Teacher Training Course Price Range & Duration

100 hours YTTC - 13 to 15 Days - Basic training Price:      from 750€ up-to 2,025 €
200 hours YTTC - 26 to 30 Days - Basic Training Price:     from 1,450€ up-to 2,775 €
300 hours YTTC - 40 to 45 Days - Advanced Price:             from 1,850€ up-to 3,175 €
500 hours YTTC - 65 to 75 - Basic + Advanced Price:        from 3,300€ up-to 4,675 €

* Trainee could choose desired groups or individual classes.
** Prices vary according to quality of services, facilities & individual preferences.


It is advisable to reserve your place at least 4 month in advance. For more information send us a personal Message.

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