100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India

Course Overview

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training India

In general, this 100 hours Yttc is more kind of Yoga Retreat cum training. In addition, it can be design as per individual therapeutic needs for example yoga for weight loss & gain, Yoga for hormonal imbalance, Yoga for mental stability etc.  Furthermore this course is very much popular among these people, who are having very hectic lifestyle. For this reason,this course has been proven to be great help in their lives.

Yoga Teacher Training in India
300 hour yoga teacher training India
500 hour yoga teacher training India
100 hour Yoga Teacher Training India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
Yoga Teacher Training in India
500 hour yoga teacher training India

Another key point, our 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India gives you the flexibility of completing your 200 hour YTTC in two Parts. First thing to remember, this is generally not possible with any other organisation.

By all means, this program is designed specifically for students, who are unable to take long holidays due to their hectic schedule, but still wish to complete the 200 hour YTTC . Moreover these two sections need to be completed in the beginning in order sequence. To repeat the curriculum follows the standards of 200 hr.  Yoga Alliance training.

In This Progam You Learn:

  1. The right attitude, benefits and possible risks of the basic yoga postures.
  2. Principles of Anatomy asserted for each posture.
  3. Correct assistant.
  4. Body consciousness and awareness techniques.
  5. The science and art behind Yoga.
  6. Sound consciousness & awareness techniques.
  7. Self-esteem through practical lessons.
  8. Self consciousness / reflection through yoga practice.
  9. Yoga history and philosophy.
  10. Introduction to the subtle body and meditation.
  11. Sanskrit names of different poses.

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India course includes

  1. Yoga Course fee.
  2. Yoga classes.
  3. Yoga certification fee.
  4. Accommodation: Private / Share.
  5. Three vegetarian meals with tea (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  6. Teaching Material Wi-Fi / Internet.
  7. Hot water - for shower and laundry
  8. Washing machine (paid)
  9. Ayurveda Spa and courses (paid)
  10. Airport pickup (paid)

Yoga Teacher Training Course Price Range & Duration

100 hour YTTC - 13 to 15 Days - Basic training Price:             from 750€ up-to 2,025€
200 hour YTTC - 26 to 30 Days - Basic Training Price:            from 1,450€ up-to 2,775€
300 hour YTTC - 40 to 45 Days - Advanced Price:                    from 1,850€ up-to 3,175€
500 hour YTTC - 65 to 75 - Basic + Advanced Price:                from  3,300€ up-to 4,675€

* Trainee could choose desired groups or individual classes.
** Prices vary according to quality of services, facilities & individual preferences.


It is advisable to reserve your place at least 4 month in advance. For more information send us a personal Message.

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