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Yoga Teacher Training  Schools India Experiences

Yoga teacher training schools India experiences are ultimately unique and life transforming moments. It gives you much more intense knowledge on Yoga. Although you may be practicing yoga since many years at home or you are a well known Yoga Teacher or you are just a beginner.

There yoga teacher training schools India experiences is beneficial to all. Eventually you come to know a lot on yoga,which you never knew it before.

After all the purpose of yoga teacher training is not at all to become a Yoga Teacher, on the contrary it is about understanding Yoga and how well you apply the methods of yoga in your self improvements.

First and foremost Yoga teacher training India is for everyone, who wish to gain benefit of yoga and wish to lead peaceful and healthy life. Nevertheless Yoga teacher training is not a one time affair, also not at-all about getting certificate.

As a matter of fact you need not be flexible enough for practicing Yoga, Yoga is not about going point A to B. Yoga is all about enjoying the process of transformation,the positive changes in your life.

Certainly anyone who wish to bring positive changes in his/her life should go for yoga teacher training in India or at-least in some school near by their area. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.

By all means whenever you have possibilities to go for yoga teacher training, then just do it as many time as  possible. Likewise we have had students, who have gone through similar experience and done their YTTC more than 20 to 30 times.

India is the source of Yoga and spirituality so here you have always possibilities to meet other international Yogis,these International yogis love to visit India quite often.

In addition you get the wisdom of yoga and spirituality from Indian Spiritual Gurus. Unfortunately Yoga in the west still majorly perceived as a fitness sport, though in reality it is much more than that.

Furthermore quality standard of yoga teaching in the west is very low. Most of the yoga teachers in the west are inexperienced and lacking knowledge. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.

Eventually there is strong need of well qualified Yoga teachers in the west. Even more hundreds of yoga teacher training schools are coming up every day, claiming to be best, creating very attractive website and videos with joyful people; both in India and in west.

how to find yoga school
how to find yoga school

Indeed it is not easy for a student to find out a right authentic school for Yoga Teacher Training in India. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.


Undoubtedly we do not choose any Yoga School on the bases of google reviews or any other ratings. At this point we know very well how easy to get fake rating, fake reviews and fake likes just paying some money.

In the first place all ours associated schools of Yoga Teacher Training in India are verified by us. Definitely we are the first one to know, if there are any changes in service and quality take place in particular Yoga School.

yoga teacher training school Rishikesh India
yoga teacher training school Rishikesh India

For this reason with us you can be rest assured that you are getting the best yoga teacher training experience in India. Besides all ours students gets World Yoga Teacher Training quality assurance certificate.

This certificate tells the Yoga Student acquired the best education under our guidance and have ability to give good quality of Yoga Teachings. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.

surely before we choose any school for you,we like to speak with you personally in order to understand your purpose of doing Yoga Teacher Training in India.

First and foremost for us you are not a customer, once you are associated with World Yoga Teacher Training, afterwords you become the part of our family. Thereafter you get life long back up support from us.

Finally we do not keep any profit for our self, all the money we make goes back to the well being of Yoga Students and Society.More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.


At first this organisation founded by an Indian Yogi Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta, with the view of bringing authentic knowledge of Yoga in the western world. Thereafter many other European and German Yogis joined him.

For many years he has been associated with Prema Yoga in Köln, in the city of Cologne,Germany. During this time he had given many Yoga and Spiritual workshops in various places, organisation, yoga schools and universities.

Particularly Idea behind World Yoga Teacher Training is to improve quality of Yoga in the western world. Swami Krishana has observed there still big gap of knowledge on Yoga in between western world and India. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.

Subsequently it is very difficult for a student to find out a good yoga teacher or a school, who has no real experience of yoga at all before in their life.

As a result of this, here we take this responsibility to support all these students. with the help of our Yogic traditional knowledge, we are at the better position to guide them. Keeping all above things in view “World Yoga Teacher Training”  got formulated.

With feeling of proud today “world Yoga Teacher Training”  successfully associated with 21 Yoga teacher training Schools in India at various locations like Goa, Kerala, Mysore, Pune, Gokarna, Andaman nicobar islands several schools in the Himalayan region Ex. Rishikesh, Dharamsala, etc.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

what is more is that, our Yoga Teacher Training in India service includes all forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Clasical yoga etc.

So far we receive more than 900 application  each year from all across the world and we have been quite successful in our mission. More information on Yoga Teacher Training Schools India.

Yoga teacher training India course Description

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200 hours Yoga TTC

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It is advisable to reserve your place at least 4 month in advance. For more information send us a personal Message.

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