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Yoga Teacher Training In India

Yoga Teacher Training In India

Yoga Teacher Training Student Sarah Kröger from Hamburg, Germany Shares her Yoga Teacher training experience in India and how it has changed her life.


Difference in opinion on India before and after visiting to Indias

In my preparations for Yoga teacher training in India and till in the airplane I had a lot of prejudices. But i have understood that I had to make my own experiences to change one’s mind. Now everyone to whom I was telling my story has a new imagination of how India would be. And it will not change if you are nott brave enough to get an own impression.

Experience Yoga Teacher Training in India which has touched my heart

One day I saw a white horse on my way back to the yoga school. It was grazing on an open plot and looked so satisfied. I had to stop and observe the beauty of this animal. Its ears were formed like a heart symbol which makes it so unique. I have never seen such a lovely horse before.

Positive things west could learn from India

Being less selfish. What is the benefit of working the whole life and dying alone with a lot of unused money instead of supporting other people who needs your help, so that both can be happy? It begins with every little word you say. Every little reaction you show and how you treat others. I have seen a few Indian people who seemed to be happy also they might have nothing. We should reflect ourselves, our thoughts and behavior and rethink what is important in life. We have to learn to love ourselves and to spread our love so that love will come back to us. A utopia, because there is still too much egoism in the world.


My Certification day celebration of Yoga Teacher Training In India

As a woman traveler in India

As a woman traveler I have felt always comfortable. There was just one situation in which I had anxious feelings. I wanted to see the Neer Garh Waterfall nearby Rishikesh. First I havee tried to go there by Tuk Tuk. But a driver explained that I have to take the bus and suggested that I should wait on the other side of the road even there was not a street sign. I thought I had to wait about hours, but a bus which display I could not identify arrived quick. The driver of the Tuk Tuk and bus were changing some words meanwhile I have searched hectic my money bag.

I have jumped in the bus and looked into many curious eyes of men. I was scared, because of what I heard about a lonely girl in an official bus in India. I was not sure where it is allowed to sit until I fortunately saw an empty space next to the only woman in the bus. Without any bus stations and no knowledge about where I had to get off.  The driver and most men helped me to find the right place and I had not pay for the ride.

Western media is not bringing out the real truth of India

Most media is presenting the bad news. Just a few negative information are enough to frighten someone in fear and panic. If that happened then it is difficult to believe in the opposite. I can say that I felt totally safe and welcomed in Rishikesh and that I have experienced nothing traumatic as it is shown in the media nowadays. In my opinion Rishikesh is the most peaceful town, but I can not judge other Indian cities, because I was not there.

 Support from World Yoga Teacher Training 

I was convinced by, because I like the personal contact. It is not just an anonymous website which has written down what I want to read. With the help of a real Indian guru Swami Krishsana Mithun Dutta and the network of other Yogis and Yoginis I could find what I was searching for. The price was fair and I have known that there is someone which really takes care of me and with whom I am going to stay in contact, also I have already done my trip.

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta, my organizer of Yoga Teacher Training in Inida.


                                                                                                                                                                     Sarah Kröger 200 hour Yoga Teacher

Thank you for this wonderful Yoga Teacher Training Experience in India


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