Our International Workshops

We have been organising many workshop all across the world, mainly in Europe, Australia, and North America.
Content of our workshop are designed to solve modern day’s changes. Our workshops are mostly on donation bases and organised by the yoga and wellness centres.
Since students in abroad love to learn yoga and spiritual techniques from Indian Gurus, there mostly our workshops attract many local people.
Therefore many yoga and wellness centres gain so much popularity in very short time. It is very good for their promotion.

Content in Our Workshops :

  • Importance of Yoga in Life.
  • Effect of yoga and meditation in life.
  • History of Yoga and spirituality.
  • Ways to get the best result of Yoga.
  • Holistic approach of yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Healing power of Yantra, Mantra, Tantra.
  • Chakras, Vastushastra and Meditation.
  • Sound healing, light healing, energy healing, healing with food.

Benefits of Workshop

After attending these workshops, now you are at the better situation deal with your all relations, you are able to do work life balance, now you can handle your depression in much better way. Now you know what is good for you, which food is better for you, what lifestyle you should life, which yoga and meditation techniques are good for you. We are happy to visit your home, yoga studio, fitness centre and wellness centre, feel free to contact us for more details