Who Is Your Life Partner?

Your mother, your father, your husband, your son or daughter and your friends? Please do not get surprised no one is your life partner. Though there is some one who is your life partner, who stays with you right from the beginning. Can you guess, who could that be?

If not then please open up your mind for the self realisation and acceptence. Your body is you life partner, which is always with you and will remain with you until you die.

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As soon as your body works fine and healthy, everyone is with you and the moment it stops responding then you are all alone. Thousands of years ago Indian Gurus have understood this fact and brought yoga to the humanity.

Your mind and your body have great relation, they compliment to each other. When your body is inactive, then your mind becomes inactive too and when your mind is inactive then you become fast older.



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The more you care for your body, more your body cares of you. You body is very sensitive, how you work, how much or how hard your work, what you eat, the way you live, condition and the environment you live in, every small thing matters to you body and it affects your body very deep.

It does not matter where which part of the world you live in, which city you move to. Your body will remain your permanent address, which will always remain with you. Your body is your first and last home. It will be with you till the end of your life. Because, your body is your true partner.

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Do fall in love with your body, respect your body the way it is. Never give torture to your body and never try to change it like someone else's body.
Your body is your asset, your home, your temple. Always listen to your body, if your body needs love, then give it love. if your body needs touch, then get it touch.

Money comes and goes, so do the friends and relatives. People will always judge and expect you to live as per their will.
If you do so, then you will invite yourself only stress. Remember, no can understand your body needs other than you.

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Pranayam for Lungs, meditation for mind, Yoga Asanas for body, Walking for heart, Good food for intestine, Love for the soul, Good karma for the world.
This is all you need in your life!!!

Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta


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