Story of German woman spiritual travel to India

Story of German woman spiritual travel to India

Elisabeth Kracke from Detmold, Germany Shares her  experience in India and how it has changed her life.

Story of German woman spiritual travel to India

India always fascinated me and for experiencing spirituality and yoga more than on the mat it seemed to be exactly the right place. Also to experience so many different cultures and religions living peacefully together was an interesting aspect.

I had my first yoga teacher training in Germany and only had different yoga lessons in India. Also 22 days Ayurveda (Panchakarma) in Kerala and Meditation in various Ashrams.

My advice to western travelers,ayurveda has deep roots in India and I would recommend learning about this in Kerala. There are very good spiritual teachers (gurus) in India but also a lot of not so good ones so it can be challenging. What do Yogis say: the disciple doesn't find the master - the master finds the disciple.

In India, i had mostly good experiences, very friendly helpful people. Visited 4 times, 3 months longest stay. Places: Kovalam,Varkala, Chowara, Kochin, Backwaters, Goa, Mysore, Ooty, Hampi, Pondicherry, Auroville, Madumalai, Chennai, Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Agra, Himalayas (Gharwal, Binsar area, Almora, Sattal, Bhimtal, Nainital, Naikuchiatal).

Yes my personal opinion on India, before and after visiting to India got changed, until now it was always a great experience. This time I was a bit disappointed not because of the county but Vrindavan and the attitude of the people were very hard to understand in many ways.

According to me what positive things west could learn from India is that Not always thinking about money and economy but opening your heart for the people and the nature around you. Not to be so greedy but to share more and Indian people could also learn from the West when it comes to organisation and caring about their environment.

As woman traveler i felt totally safe. Never made a bad experience. If you take respect in the culture (not lying naked on the beach or with hot pants and nearly topless in towns and temples - what I have seen far to often - it's not more dangerous as in Europe.  About western media,I don't trust Media anyway. Make your own experience.


Thank you so much Elisabeth Kracke

Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta



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