Silvia Schleupner Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

Silvia Schleupner Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

Yoga Teacher Training Student Silvia Schleupner from Cologne, Germany Shares her Yoga Teacher training experience in India and her travel experience as alone woman traveler.

Silvia Schleupner Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

My experience in Goa India

My experience in Goa India was always nice , If you follow your intuition and deal always with honest people you will have an incredible deep and life changing experience. So I could do through the help of world teacher training.While practicing yoga in Ttc I came in touch with myself and connected deeply to others too. The food was always amazing nutritious and made with love and consciousness. All my teachers were good at heart and authentic people who are real into yoga and want to commit it at its best and they're really happy and aware about what they do.

visiting to India

experience of visiting to India,amazing beaches of Goa are a must see in India. The accommodation directly at the beach makes an incredible experience. The food in the place I have es been is so good and oriented on yogic philosophy. I love the Indian culture, the colors and the spirit so much, I found that in no other place in the world yet.

My decision to choose "World Yoga Teacher Training"

They are concerned with the Yoga Students so their priority to get their students best Yoga Training experience.  Out there on internet almost all schools claiming to be best and it is not essay to find a Good Yoga School. Further today anyone can buy Fake Facebook likes and Fake internet Reviews.

World Yoga Teacher Training helped me to find a nice  Yoga Teacher Training school in India and it's not always about the big commercial ones. So I had a very good experience in this teacher training and we're satisfied in the topics. It offers all points of knowledge in yoga, philosophy, nutrition, Kriyas, asanas and pranayama .

There are so many people who teach yoga and founded a school in India. There is a true business running. World teacher training supports and suggest schools, whose teachers and their concept they know personally. So you don't have to jump in cold water and can have a secure journey as well as a throughout nice experience for sure . In addition the problem in choosing any school, is that you have no connection to know if it's reviews on the site for example is fake or not.

Experience in India that has touched your heart

I found my self my true power of the self and my big love in India. I love the way of living, the freedom of the animals and the perspective of the people. It changed me for the better and I keep learning new things about life always I travel there. India teaches me how everything is possible and connects to you in the right time and place.

As a woman traveler in India

Media of every country mostly misleading their citizens and spreading mainly fear,good and bad incidents happen every part of the world. After my personal experience in India,i do agree that media is just giving one sided news on India.

Silvia Schleupner Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

To travel as a women in India is no problem at all. It's very safe and easy if u adapt yourself a little bit in the culture. Im blessed, I was travelling four times now already there in all parts of India and I never felt lost. Always I got helping hands and love from the people. It's like everywhere : what you give is what you get.

In media here in west they don't speak so much of the positive and overwhelming spirit of India, you hear only about it, if there was scandal. That makes me sad. It's not true that it's a dangerous country. The people are warm hearted , very helpful and kind. I always had support of locals in my travels and I really appreciate their culture and spirituality.

Positive things west could learn from India

According to me what positive things west could learn from India,in west there is lack of awareness and through the yogic practice which is born in India, you can regain this ability. It changes your view to the world and how you see others is a reflection of you. It's the best place in the world to learn about yoga, philosophy and karma because the society is used to it and living it.

Role of  "world yoga teacher training"

Finally, in my suggestion that why other people should  choose the service of "world yoga teacher training" . World teacher training supported me in my journey from A to Z and I had felt safe and uncomplicated all the time. I was very happy to have made this experience with the help of this organization. It really brought me to the right place ! Thank you so much!

Silvia Schleupner Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta organizer of World Yoga Teacher Training in India


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Thank you for this wonderful Yoga Teacher Training Experience in India


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