Nadja Muehlhanns Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

Nadja Muehlhanns Yoga Teacher Training India Experience

Yoga Teacher Training Student Nadja Muehlhanns from Vienna, Austria Shares her Yoga Teacher training experience in India and her travel experience as alone woman traveler.

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My experience in Rishikesh India

I've learnt so much about yoga in the school I've been for my 200 hrs teacher training. Nearly everything was perfect and even the things which have been different had been solved after requesting a change. We had great teachers and compared with other schools I have to say that it was a great choice done by World Yoga Teacher Training

visiting India

India is a place you have to visit if you really want to change your perspective. It's so much more mother earth than any other place I've visited so far.

My decision to choose "World Yoga Teacher Training"

Definitely, I got a profound teacher training and I wouldn't have found training with the same quality by myself. It's really hard to find the needle in the haystack and world yoga teacher training is going to find the best place for you.

when she was asked, how comfortable was she finding the school on her own on the internet? she says that You never know if the information you can find online is profound and real.

Experience in India that has touched your heart

Too many and therefore I am going there again and again... Even now I am in India 🙂

As a woman traveler in India

I always felt safe, no matter if I have been in the North or the South or if I've been alone or in a group. Media's are only writing what someone wants and mainly it's to create fear... That's the situation around the world.

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Role of  "world yoga teacher training"

Finally, in my suggestion that why other people should choose the service of "world yoga teacher training". They are searching for the needle in the haystack for you.

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Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta organizer of World Yoga Teacher Training in India


                                                                                                                                                   Nadja Muehlhanns  200 hour Yoga Teacher(2018)

Thank you for this wonderful Yoga Teacher Training Experience in India


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