Life Of An Yogi In Western World

When i came first time in Europe in 2011 and i tried to understand that how Yoga is perceived here, IT came to me like a big shock. At first i thought, may be i am just meeting wrong person at a wrong time. However later i got to know Yoga in west is differnt and the reason was simple i.e. yogic knowledge is very deep,it takes years to learn and understand. The person who teaches Yoga he/she first bythemself needs to live Yogic life for many years. Only then that person becomes the yoga teacher. Not only that yoga teacher training institutes are being run by those who themself lack knowledge of Yoga. Hence it was very clear to me,if the base of house is weak then this house can not stand alone against the wind. Yoga is not going Point A to B, it is the process of being here and now. It is been almost 6 years i have spent in Europe but still i am looking for one authentic Yoga school which teaches the true philosophy of yoga.Although during this time, i did meet many who wish to go deeper into Yoga and searching for right guidance.

Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta