Impact of Kalyuga(Dark period of ignorance)


Not just the fear also the joy, today everything is psychological,it is all made up. Psychological modules creates series of notions in your mind. These notions are like multiple layers of walls and controls your life completely.

Without letting yourself knowing, you become complete Robot. Now you stop following your natural senses, you follow only the instruction from psychologically trained mind.

Here everything is borrowed your fear, your joy, your happiness and your love, your proud, your confidence, your self-respect, nothing is genuine.

All these psychological walls in your mind, makes you blind. Now you can not see left and right, you become like a horse and go exactly to the direction, where rider wants to take you.

You are in the illusion, you think, it is your decision, it is your free will or choice. But actually that is not true at all, your being controlled psychologically and you are too blind to see this.

If i offer you to eat rotten apple, then obviously you will not eat it, because it is not good for your health. In similar way, each and every day many people are eating rotten psychological thoughts, this is not good for their mental health.

In the east most of the people are mentally healthy and physically weak, there in the west most of the people are mentally sick and physically healthy. It is much easier to be physically healthy than cure someone from mental illness.

Only spiritual Gurus from India have this ability to heal you mentally, they have experience, they have the tools and all knowledge. They have been doing this task successfully for centuries.

Wake up before it is too late.... Swami Krishana Mithun Dutta