Advance yoga courses

Yoga Teacher Training for Beginner Level

These courses are specialisation of yoga in particular field and preferred by mainly professionals like yoga teachers, physiotherapist, fitness trainers, gynaecologist, orthopaedics, psychologist, sports teachers, sports person, dietician, working professionals like trainers etc.

Yoga is now going out of yoga studios and becoming part of every individual coming from distinctive background. Yoga has gone into corporate offices, hospitals, sports clubs, schools and universities, kindergarten, old age centres, even in the United Nation.

Yoga has reached to every corner of the world and now days entire family do yoga together. It is creating strong bonds between partners, friends, families and colleagues. This is the reason why now yoga is going to be precise and specific.

Advance yoga course is a specialisation in Yoga, recommended yoga teachers and professionals. This course includes Yoga therapist, Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Child Yoga, Corporate yoga, senior yoga, clinical yoga, Mallakhamb, yoga massage, pregnant yoga etc. Please send us an email for more details and booking.