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About Us

How We Got Here

In our experience, many yoga teacher training students are not in a position to say anything bad about their school. 
Here are the reasons why!!!
If they admit it publicly, that their yoga teacher training experience was bad or not at all good. Then no one will come to them to take Yoga classes. Such yoga teachers will always say to their students that they had the best yoga teacher training experience. 
That doesn't mean that all yoga schools are bad, there are many schools are good. But these best schools are not easy to find out. Therefore it is not good to consult yoga teachers. Because only a few of them will tell you the truth. 
We understood this issue, there We decided to help such students, who are searching for genuine yoga school and authentic teachings. 
We don't own any yoga schools, We are not associated with any yoga schools. 
The only association we do have that is with our yoga students who are in the search of genuine Yoga Schools. 
Our yoga background and connections with Indian yoga community get us the real information.
Which is not easy to get for those, who are searching for authentic yoga schools.
If we find out the quality of yoga school is gone down, then we simply change the school for the sake of our Yoga students. 
Please note that yoga teacher training costs a lot of money. It is always to take advice from a professional before you choose a yoga school. Because we know the actual ground reality and actual education and experience of the yoga schools.

You will get surprised to see that almost each and every yoga school has a 5-star rating and very nice reviews. No one asks this question how could that be possible? actually, these are just marketing gimmick. Most of these ratings are fake and misguided. Many yoga students are inexperienced and first-timer, not in the better position to compare the actual quality of yoga teachings, school authority knows this fact very well, so they run yoga school more of like a hotel and focus on other services, which pure hospitality.

Due to this ignorance, most of the yoga students give their ratings on the bases of the nice behavior, facility and other services of the yoga school.

Also, before you finish your yoga course, you will be asked to give the rating on a particular yoga school. Here many students are indirectly forced to write good things on yoga school because they know if they make the school management angry, then this might have a bad impact on the certification process and other services. 
You should also imagine yourself in a similar situation. Further quality of yoga schools keeps on changing, what you find good today, this may not remain good after six months.

Yoga schools are based upon three pillars, the good experience of yoga teachers, like-minded students, location and facilities. And there is constant change in these aspects. 
We are up to date with all these latest changes in a particular school. With us, you get real-time information from us. Due to our yoga connection.

Even if you choose any school in India and Southeast Asia, you just need to provide us the name of the school and we can do all the internal investigation and bring you the right information on that particular school.


Unser Service

Aufgrund unserer langjährigen Erfahrung und unserem internationalen Teams sind wir der beste Ansprechpartner rund um Yoga Ausbildung in Indien.

Yoga Ausbildung

Hier findest du alle nötigen Informationen zu deiner Yoga Leherer Ausbildungen. Auf Wunsch können wir das Programm nach deinen Wünschen anpassen. Alle unsere Yoga Schulen sind international anerkannt von der Yoga Alliance zertifieziert.


Solltest du noch fragen habe, Beraten wir dich gerne. Wir gehen auf all deine Wünsche ein. Gerne führen wir auch ein Skype Interview um uns gegenseitig kennenzulernen.


Ihre Vorteile

✔ zertifizierte Yogaschulen
✔ authentische Yogalehrer
✔ 99% Kundenzufriedenheit
✔ langjährige Erfahrung

Unser Versprechen

✔ Individueller Service
✔ Wir sind die Experten
✔ Beste Qualität
✔ Immer erreichbar


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